Suze La Rousse Castle

Chateau Suze la Rousse

The silhouette of the castle of Suze -la- Rousse dominating the Tricastin vineyards give you an impression of power with its gigantic walls . This fortress with austere appearance owes its importance to the famous Princes of Orange and received over the centuries of illustrious guests.

Among them : Charles IX , King of France with his mother , Catherine de Medici, Duke of Anjou, the future Henry II , his sister Marguerite de Valois and the Prince of Navarre, the future Henry IV.

Inside, you’ll discover a wonderful courtyard of the purest Renaissance style adorned with beautiful arches. The various rooms are enriched with elegant decoration : stucco , plaster moldings , murals.

Grignan Castle

The Château de Grignan, built in the Middle Ages on the rock shaped Acropolis is today a prefectural Museum, overlooking a beautiful city that has preserved its shape and medieval streets. Its reorganization in the 16th century made it the largest Renaissance castle southeast of France, the top of which the visitor can admire the mountain of Lance, the Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles.

This magnificent castle is also a center for regional history and partly owes its fame to the presence of one of the largest letter collections from women of the seventeenth century, Madame de Sevigne. Known for her long correspondence with his daughter Mrs de Grignan, wife of powerful Count François de Castellane Adhemar of Le Puy, “Viceroy” of Provence from 1669 to 1714.

The castle, now a muuseum houses in intimate rooms and luxury rooms, furnishings collections of art, paintings and precious fabrics, works of craftsmen of great beauty. One of the top of tourism destination.

Chateau de Grignan

The Black Truffles of Tricastin

Tricastin is the mecca of French production of the famous black truffle (60% of national production). This prestigious “black diamond”, formerly used intensely, has become rare and is today a delicacy on the best tables.

Its specific characteristics have made the product even more mysterious or unique. Indeed, some only really explain his life primarily underground, an uncommon black color, woody fragrance and a powerful taste.
This fungus seems to have nonetheless found on our territory any special conditions for the birth and development of course: a tree, preferably oak, a sufficient limestone and finally a Mediterranean climate.
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Black truffles of Tricastin

Cultural Info / Summary of Festivals of The Year

“Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux hosts cultural festivals with regional and international influence.  In January, The Children’s Book Festival attracts audiences from all over the French Southeast.  It is considered one of the major youth books events in France.”

In April, every two years, the Guitar Biennale invites the biggest guitar players to meet around the theme of the classical guitar.
Each year, the city commissions a work from a renowned composer, making it an internationally recognized event.
In May, the Polynesian Festival allows you to meet artisans, restaurateurs, and especially traditional tattoo artists who came especially from their archipelago awareness and practice their ancestral art.
Summer sees the appearance of the two jazz festivals.
On the occasion of St. Paul Soul Jazz in July, it’s the legacy of black American music that makes an appointment in the capital of Tricastin.
St. Paul Soul Jazz succeeds in being the only festival in Europe dedicated entirely to this particular expression of jazz soul music and funk.
The spectators come from all over Europe and give the time of the festival, a cosmopolitan colour to the city.
In August, the Jazz Perfume festival, which radiates in several towns in the Drôme Provençale, celebrates jazz music in all its forms.
In October, for one, the Film Festival celebrates independent and innovative cinema productions.
It revolves around two axes: a programming feature films on “peoples and cultures” and a springboard for the short film with a “Short Night” and a competition.